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State GIS Offices:

  • Alaska: Alaska State Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
  • Arizona: Arizona Geographic Information Council
  • Arkansas: Arkansas GIS Gateway
  • California: California GIS Council
  • Colorado: Colorado Bureau of Land Management
  • Connecticut: Connecticut Environmental and Geographic Information Center
  • Delaware: Delaware Geographic Data Committee
  • Florida: Florida Geographic Data Library
  • Georgia: Georgia GIS Data Clearinghouse*
  • Hawaii: Hawaii Statewide GIS Program
  • Idaho: Idaho Department of Lands GIS Department
  • Illinois: Illinois Geographic Information Council
  • Indiana: Indiana Geographic Information Council
  • Kentucky: Kentucky Division of Geographic Information
  • Maine: Maine Geographic Information Systems
  • Massachusetts: Massachusetts Office of Geographic and Environmental Information
  • Michigan: Michigan Center for Geographic Information
  • Minnesota: Minnesota Land Management Information Center
  • Mississippi: Mississippi Automated Resource Information System
  • Missouri: Missouri GIS Advisory Council
  • Montana: Montana Geographic Information Clearinghouse
  • Nebraska: Nebraska Geospatial Data Center
  • New Jersey: New Jersey Geographic Information Network
  • New Hampshire: New Hampshire OneStop Web Geographic Information System
  • New Mexico: New Mexico Resource GIS
  • New York: New York State GIS Clearinghouse
  • North Carolina: Geographic Information North Carolina
  • Oklahoma: Oklahoma Geographic Information Council
  • Oregon: Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office
  • Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access
  • Rhode Island: Rhode Island Geographic Information System
  • South Carolina: South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
  • South Dakota: South Dakota Geological Survey
  • Tennessee: Tennessee Office of Information Resources
  • Texas: Texas General Land Office
  • Utah: Utah Geological Survey
  • Vermont: Vermont Center for Geographic Information
  • Virginia: Virginia Geographic Information Network
  • Washington: Washington Geographic Information Council
  • Washington, DC: District of Columbia GIS
  • West Virginia: West Virginia State GIS Technical Center

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