Watershed Associations


What can we do for you?

  • Provide Interactive Mapping (IM) application
  • Delineate areas of interest with borders and/or shading

What can you do with an Interactive Mapping application?

  • Insert points of interest (water monitoring, office locations, municipal authorities, superfund sites, known pollutants/polluters)
  • Record information and data for points of interest
  • Upload photographs for points of interest
  • Measure distances
  • Track water quality

Example: South Branch Watershed Association

  • South Branch Watershed is identified as a green shaded area with a red boundary
  • Water monitoring points are identified with yellow arrows
  • When monitoring point (arrow) is selected information regarding the site appears
  • View detail can show any information collected and recorded which then can be displayed graphically
  • Can track changes in data over course of time (years, weeks, seasons)

We can include anything you want and tailor the applications to all of your needs!

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